Merchant Services Bank Payments – Sacramento California

Class is in for merchant services bank credit revenue. There’s no match in this industry for what we have in store. We have the best payment account and equipment for receiving customer debit and credit cards in the Sacramento, California area. We compete against your bank merchant account to gain you as a loyal customer. The reason you should choose working with a processor directly versus your bank is the cost. Now, don’t get me wrong. Your financial institution is the perfect place to save your money. But, we’re the only place you should consider to transfer your credit card sells into your business checking account.


Your merchant services bank provides investment related services which often include a variety of savings accounts, checking accounts, and home mortgage loans. We’re a credit card processor and we only specialize in payment solutions. There is no middle man. Most banks outsource their transaction services and charge above average rates.


Everybody knows the saying, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Transactions are a little different and that might not apply to this situation because technology evolves at a rapid pace. The rules and regulations constantly change on the back end for merchant services bank payments. Any given moment you may have to upgrade your equipment or point of sale software. We can help you replace your virtual terminal, payment gateway, and credit card machine.


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